Aurisonics ASG 1.5 In Ear Headphones (ASG 1.5_FC)

Are your IEMs lacking the BASS response you want? Do they fall out of your ears? Can't get a good seal? Want something that looks custom but fits almost everyone? The Aurisonics ASG-1 is your answer...

The product that started it all. Originally designed for musicians as on-stage in-ear monitors, the ASG-1.5 delivers a full-bodied, warm, organic sound with an incredible and articulate bass response that is captivating. The ASG-1 series represents the next generation of generic fit ( one size fits most) in-ear monitoring technology which far surpasses the performance capabilities of other single and multiple driver legacy designs which utilize hearing-aid technology.

The bass response is truly legendary driven by massive 15mm custom designed dynamic driver. The driver is placed in the monitor at an optional angle and ported for maximum performance from a single driver. Multiple drivers are not necessary due to the full range capabilities and wide-band response of the dynamic driver.

The shape and fit was engineered utilizing digital human ear anthropomorphic date to obtain a greater than 90+% fit. This allows for a one size fits most solution that stays secure in the ear and perform better than most custom IEMs and perhaps all non-custom IEMs.

The ASG-1.5 IEMs are hand-made with care and tested in the same manner as our customs series monitors in the USA for unsurpassed quality and performance.

Drivers Precision dynamic 14.2 mm

Frequency Response 8Hz - 25 kHz

Impedance 41ohms +/- 10% @ 1 kHz

Sensitivity 119 dB @ 1 mW

Noise Attenuation NRR 24 db (passive)

Construction 3D printed, Digital Hybrid Technology

Cable Detachable silver plated low oxygen

copper cable

Delivers to: :
United Kingdom
Country of Manufacture: United States
Condition: New in Packaging
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