BeyerDynamic DTX 501p

A Modern Classic

Exceptional Sound with a Timeless Look:

The DTX 501 p from beyerdynamic is a Mobile Headphone That Never Goes Out of Style

Whether in timeless black or white, these headphones are the perfect

finishing touch for every look, whether you’re on a red-eye flight in a

business suit or relaxing on your summer holidays. The durable folding

mechanism and collapsible headband enable you to quickly and easily

store the extremely light headphones, which weigh a mere 120 grams,

in the supplied hard case so that you can unfold them just as swiftly

after you’ve switched flights or arrived at your hotel. The hard case with

a zip fastener not only protects the precise sound transducers, it also

holds the in-flight adapter, which is included as standard.

The exceptional design is also evident in the sound quality of the

DTX 501 p; whereas other headphones use superficial effects to try to

impress listeners, these headphones feature pure sound through

perfectly balanced and precise reproduction. Deep bass and clear

treble, without the common colouration in the mid-range, come together

to create a level of sound quality that is unparalleled in this price class.

At the same time, soft, skin-friendly ear cushions ensure optimal

comfort while protecting the wearer from unwanted ambient noise. In

other words, you’ll never tire of listening to these headphones. The

DTX 501 p is sure to be a perennial favourite.

Delivers to: :
United Kingdom
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Condition: New In Box
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